Sushi Catering in Marbella

Looking for an amazing Sushi Catering in Marbella? My Chef at Home is the solution you need for your event. Do not hesitate and contact us!

If you ask us, there’s something truly exquisite and refined about premium-quality sushi. However, sushi can be a very tricky and potentially even hazardous dish to prepare, if not done right. With this thought in mind, it’s understandable that many people find themselves hesitating when it comes to adding sushi to their repertoire of recipes! However, if this is something you have been experiencing, don’t worry – Chef Andres can offer a perfect solution, delivering Michelin star standard food for private diners directly from the comfort of your own home.


If you’ve been looking for a new recipe to serve at your next event, or if you don’t feel like cooking tonight but also don’t feel confident enough to prepare sushi yourself, why not consider professional, private sushi catering in Marbella instead?

Designed to help you feel your best in any scenario, professional sushi catering helps ensure that you’re enjoying a truly delectable dish at every opportunity. The finest sushi on offer is perfectly selected for its succulence and richness, giving an exceptionally high-quality result. It’s an experience you’ll never forget, and we’re firmly confident that you’ll fall in love with sushi all over again when you discover its potential.

Don’t Let Poor-Quality Sushi Get You Down

Poor quality sushi can be a miserable experience. From slimy fish to smelly dishes and more, it’s so easily avoidable – but can damage the entire experience. With this thought in mind, the importance of selecting a chef who knows how to prepare high-quality sushi and make the most of these delicious, fresh ingredients is vital. Fortunately, this is where Chef Andres is an expert!


If there’s one thing we pride ourselves on here at My Chef at Home Spain, it’s providing a private experience for every guest thanks to our Sushi Sharing Platter. While we’re here to help make your event special, we understand that this is your time, not ours. As such, the incredible Chef Andres works quietly and quickly to deliver premium results every time, all the while staying out of your hair. So, you can focus on the important things and entertaining your guests; Chef Andres can handle the cooking, so there’s a truly delicious dish waiting for everyone once you’re done.

If you prefer an individual sushi menu instead of a Sushi Platter, try our Japanese Menu – Kyoto Kid 

Discover the Ideal Dining Opportunities with Chef Andres

If you’d absolutely love to have sushi on the menu for your next dining opportunity, but you’re not quite sure where to look in Marbella for this sort of service, why not make things a little more private instead? Chef Andres is immensely proud to deliver premium-quality dining experiences for all of his guests in and around Marbella, and his dedication to quality is clear to see.

With every dish, he works meticulously to ensure a simply perfect final finish; meanwhile, by using the freshest possible ingredients, he is able to deliver an uncompromising finish that’s unlike any other. All the while, you’ll enjoy a far more private and luxurious experience than with any traditional restaurant, making it hard not to love. 

Go on – whether you’re planning an event or looking to treat yourself to the finest dining experiences while on holiday, Chef Andres can make your dreams a reality. 

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