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My Chef at Home Spain

How long time before do I have to book a personal chef?

During the COVID-19 the things has been changed. Many time people got a positive test, a cancelled flight, etc. We recommend to book in 1-2 month advance as it’s possible. Sometimes you can catch a chef for your weekend event with a few days before, but we cannot assure availability with less then one week notice.

Is it worth to have a private chef?

You value if the wellbeing, excellent food, comfort, privacy and the exclusivity is worth for you! But a private chef is on a very similar cost like eat out in restaurants.

What is the difference between private chef and personal chef?

In the U.S. they difference the personal chef who is making personalised meals for several clients while a private chef is only cooking for 1 client/family. However, here in Europe people often think is the same, and practically it is. With us you can have a chef just for an evening, various days, weeks, months or long term relation.

How is a catering with private chef?

With our private chef obviously a catering is similar like a normal catering but much better! We always give a little bit more!

What I have to provide?

Customers provide the venue, and the guests. And if there is a kitchen even better. Normally we work with the tools and the installations of the actual location, but we also can provide all of those in case of necessity.

Can you bring waiter or waitress?

Of course you can have your private chef with waiter service accompanied. We can recommend you wines, even you can have a barmixer or a butler. We provide full hospitality at home.

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