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If you require a Mijas Catering service for your wedding, anniversary or company party, why not contact My Chef At Home Spain?


There is no shortage of opportunities for celebrations and for an event to be a success; but all aspects must be well thought out in advance. My Chef at Home will not leave any loose ends. Professional catering is the best guarantee for serving quality dishes to your guests; so that they do not leave disappointed. Bear in mind that the success of an event is judged right from the reception of the guests.

So you it’s in your interest to offer them the best. To satisfy guest’s palates is to make a good impression, which will last a long time. The event will be etched in their memory as one of the best they’ve ever attended. You can count on the professionalism and know-how of My Chef at Home Spain so that that day will stay in everyone’s memory.


Whether for a wedding, a christening, an anniversary, a silver/gold wedding anniversary or any other celebration in Mijas, if you want your event to be a total success on all levels, you must surround yourself with professionals.

Calling My Chef at Home Spain is the ideal solution to avoid having to juggle between several suppliers. Taste and aesthetics. The professional catering services in Mijas of My Chef at Home will be happy to serve dishes with unique flavours and aesthetics to your guests. We work with you to present deliciously prepared dishes completely to your liking.

Not all catering companies show the professionalism that our private chefs do.

In addition, investing in a catering service is relying on aesthetics. The dishes will not only be a real delight for the palate and nose, but also a feast for the eyes. Also, our presentation of desserts, canapés and dishes will give your event true class.


We have a chef of prestige and extensive experience: Andrés. He will make sure that your project goes off without a hitch. As if you had organised it yourself! But without you having to take care of anything. You just have to choose the menu that best matches your celebration: Signature Mediterranean menu; Premium Italian menu; My chef's favorite menu; Premium Spanish menu; Definitive Luxury menu; Japanese menu – kyoto kid; Vegetarian menu, etc. What we’re after is that our customers are satisfied.
That is why we also offer the option of hiring the chef's catering with buffet and sharing style menus.Among those are: barbecue menu, sushi to share, canapés or the assortment of traditional Spanish tapas. Ideal for any business lunch.



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Organising an event is usually synonymous with stress. If we don’t make the right decisions, we run the risk of things overwhelming ourselves. Therefore, it is preferable to delegate certain aspects of the organisation to professionals, and what could be more logical than a catering company in Mijas in this case? All you have to do is tell us what your wishes and expectations are and My Chef at Home Spain will take care of the rest.

This way, during the event you will not have to be overwhelmed by tasks such as ensuring the dishes come out hot or coordinating the meal. You can enjoy your party and your guests and let the professionals take care of everything.


My Chef at Home Spain can advise you on the ideal choice of menu, taking your budget into account. We listen to your ideas without obliging you to make decisions. You will be free to express yourself and if you have original ideas, do not hesitate to share them with us. Your catering service in Mijas is ready to put its experience and knowledge at your service and offer you the best of world cuisine.

Due to restructuring of our business we will be inoperative until the end of August. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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