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Personal Chef at Home in Sotogrande

Make your house an authentic restaurant with a Sotogrande Private Chef at home. Enjoy at home as if you were in a restaurant. You can choose between different menus, some of which are: Mediterranean signature menu; Italian premium menu,  My chef’s favorite menu,  Spanish premium menu,  Ultimate luxury menu,  Japanese menu – Kyoto Kid,  Vegetarian Menu… Once you have decided upon the menu, ask for your private chef at home in Sotogrande.

Often, when big celebrations are coming up, instead of being a joy, they become a real headache. Lots of guests, having to look for a place to go, something that everyone likes and what about the quality?… However, at My Chef At Home we have the perfect solution so that all those problems disappear: A chef at home!

If you’re in Sotogrande and you’re looking for a full-service private chef for a great family meal or amongst friends, we have everything you need so you can enjoy an exquisite meal without having to worry about anything. The preparations of a meal with friends or family will no longer be a torment, since having a personal chef at home you have only to enjoy the dishes prepared.

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At My Chef At Home we offer you the opportunity of having a full-time personal chef without leaving home. The idea of a private chef at home is ideal for any type of person who wants to enjoy the best of a restaurant, but without leaving your living room. In this way, the problem of finding a table in a restaurant, arriving on time or being able to book, is removed, as you will not have to travel anywhere, since it will be the private chef at home who goes to  your house.

You will be able to learn hundreds of recipes and dishes from the Chef’s hand, taking advantage of the opportunity for them to come to your home to cook a succulent menu, that you have previously agreed upon. Take note of everything and let yourself be advised by a true professional! However, to ensure the greatest privacy during the meal, our services are complete and discreet, so that you can be eating calmly with the rest of your guests while the chef continues to prepare the dishes so that you do not have to worry about anything.

In addition, we really want your only task to be to enjoy, that is why we take care of all the utensils we use. You will not have to worry about cleaning what the private chef may get dirty, since we take care of collecting it up and leaving everything spotless.

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Enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience with the best chef service at home in Sotogrande. Hire a private chef at home for those family meals with many guests.  Restaurant quality without having to leave home, cook or worry about anything. Your house will become a haute cuisine restaurant, with all that this entails: cleanliness, order, plating up…

On our website you will find different types of menus, you can choose the one that best suits your needs and a chef at home will go to your house to prepare it. Your guests will be amazed. Rid yourself of all the worries of celebrating a meal with many guests, finding a place to go, or ordering food delivery… ask for a chef at home! Agree on the menu in advance and a personal chef in Sotogrande will go to your home and prepare an exquisite menu with certification of being a winner of the Food Safety Level Award.

In addition, within the home chef services, also included is the purchase of the necessary ingredients for the elaboration of the menu. What we want is to offer you a quality service in which you do not have to worry about anything. From the moment you ask for a personal chef at home we will take care of each and every one of the processes, you simply enjoy the final result.

If you have any questions about our Sotogrande private chef service, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can resolve any concerns you have. In addition, you can also request a quote without any commitment

Due to restructuring of our business we will be inoperative until the end of August. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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