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Do you need to hire a professional chef? With the Chef Recruitment Agency of My Chef at Home you will get the best staff for your kitchens.

Chef Hiring Agency

International Chef Recruitment Agency

Our company provides human resources of chefs for restaurants, hotels, ski resort, yachts and private villas and mansions for long-term or seasonal jobs.

With our talented head chef Akos Andres and excellent manager Kristina we have the resources to find the best candidate for you even if you are a company or private person.

We save time for you with our quick and efficient work, we have a database of more than 1000 chefs from Europe, South America and Asia.

We find the most suitable profile for you in the shortest time possible for an excellent rate.

we help you get the best staff

We recruit chefs to your requested level and spoken languages:

Please make an inquiry and we will get back to you in the shortest time possible.


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