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Catering for events in Malaga

Malaga is a cosmopolitan city with an enviable climate, where numerous events take place throughout the year, some of them with international effects.  My Chef at Home Spain adapts to you and your event:  it provides you with offers adapted to the event’s venue spaces and the different flow of guests.

With a wealth of experience, our private chefs can provide you with their know-how and a team that will be able to cater for your event: exhibitions, cultural or sporting events, concerts, and everything you can imagine.

We have participated in many national and international events with outstanding results. We have earned an impeccable reputation and gained great renown thanks to this.

Our Chef Andres has extensive experience, even with live cooking or show cooking.

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Enjoy an unforgettable wedding in the magical city of Malaga with My Chef at Home Spain services.

Are you looking for a quality catering service to make the wedding of your dreams a reality? My Chef at Home Spain takes care of everything to make the celebration an unforgettable moment for couples and guests.

We will offer gourmet catering to your instructions: the chef will prepare a gala meal that meets your expectations and budget. Our chefs specialize in gourmet cuisine, but they also take inspiration from traditional international cuisine to give originality to their dishes. Refinement and richness of flavors will define the quality of the wedding menu.

Just worry about choosing the menu that best suits your and your guests’ tastes. Enjoy the experience of having a private chef for your most important event.

For years, the city of Málaga has been a notorious place on the agenda of professional events on a national and international scale. Collective catering is at the heart of our position as leading quality restaurateurs.

My Chef at Home Spain puts its talents at your disposal as a high-quality catering service to organize all your projects, whether in the context of corporate evenings, galas, seminars…

We offer a gourmet and innovative offer adapted to new ways of working, which meets the new expectations of the flexibility of our guests and further improves the nutritional quality of meals. My Chef at home Spain is committed to quality, local or seasonal products and quality labels to select the best products. 

We offer catering solutions throughout the day, for all types of consumption: alternative catering, table catering, and even in «working» mode, coffee break! … A solution for every context

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My Chef at home Spain is particularly involved with local products, and we work directly with suppliers of recognized quality. Our guarantees are second to none:

Quality and Hygiene

Our rigor in purchasing and hygiene guarantees the use of fresh and carefully crafted products.


Our team of professionals can respond to all contingencies and unpredictable schedules to better adapt and meet the requirements.

Our Team

We use highly efficient chefs and professional teams. On the other hand, our stock allows us to replace immediately in case of unforeseen events.


We master our subject, and our passion and love for our profession are noticeable. Knowing that we are serving good products cooked to the taste of our customers is always rewarding.

Due to restructuring of our business we will be inoperative until the end of August. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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