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Private Chef at home in Marbella and Costa del Sol

Fish, meat, vegan, pasta, paella, sushi... and many more

We are covering the whole Costa del Sol area, Málaga province, Spain.

Composition of our menus is based on 10 years experience by our chef investigating tastes and likes of the people and the most popular and special ingredients, flavours and flavour combinations.

Book your menu now and enjoy the fantastic culinary experience
provided by the private chef at your residence.


We offer you a selection of special menus available during the month of December.

Enjoy our wide selection of special menus for one of the most special days of the year with a Chef At Home or our Delivery Boxes.

set menus

The freshest ingredients from local and national suppliers.
The best Italian and Mediterranean products. Recommended for gourmet persons.
Very nutty and vegetableful menu with one of the best meats, a delicious dessert and a fantastic wine pairing!
The finest Spanish ingredients with a touch of modern stylish.
The most luxurious ingredients, including KOBE beef, prepared by a very professional chef in the front of you.
A highly elaborated menu with Japanese ingredients. For those all who love Asian cuisine.
Don´t forget! You can also have vegan options and you can combinate vegetarian dishes with other menus!
Let´s talk the years of experience in Asia. Exotic flavors for curious people? Of course yes!
International meat in a gourmet way. Duck, Angus, Wagyu, dark chocolate.. Careful!!! It´s orgasmic!
The most traditional Spanish dishes with the amazing Galician octopus, Iberian ham ham and the fantastic paella!
Lazy to go out? Lazy to cook? Let´s get the traditional sunday roast to your home for a fantastic price!
Classic italian dishes in a proper way. Delicious delicious delicous!

sharing menus

Selection of premium quality meats, fishes, garnishes, salads, sauces, and bread. Let´s fire!!
Sushi rolls, nigiris, sashimis as futomaki, dragon roll, salmon, tuna, edamames, prawns, etc… Very japanese!
Canapes are small bites of foods, served in trays. Ideal for coctail parties, meetings, property and villa presentations. Recommended to accompany drinks.
Typical Spanish eating style. Many and many dishes in small portions following each other an 100% local ingredients. The most sold menu!

A Culinary Experience Personalized offers

Talk to us, tell us your special request, or combinate our menus! We make your personalized offer to get the best service at your home. Our chef would be happy to make your event absolutely special.
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