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Hire a Private Chef for Dinner Party. Have you been planning to host your very own dinner party? Do not hesitate and contact us.

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Hiring a Chef for Dinner Party

Whether you’re a local resident looking to take your dinner party to the next level, or if you’re on holiday and want a chance to put your feet up and relax, hiring Chef Andres for your dinner party might be ideal. Luckily, our team is on hand to help you find out more about hiring your very own private chef – who knows, it could help take your dinner party to the next level, no matter what your menu might be!

We have a great selection of menus available for your dinner party, the most popular menus are: Vegetarian Set Menu, the Ultimate Luxury Menu and My Chef’s Favourite Menu.

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An Exceptional Menu Tailored Just for You!

We understand that finding unique solutions and opportunities for your dining needs can naturally seem like a challenge. Fortunately, few people have quite the same level of expertise as a professional chef.

As such, if you have been finding it a little overwhelming to come up with a luxurious dinner party menu, why not give a private chef a go? It’s a simple solution that could absolutely transform the success of your dinner party experience. Plus, every menu can be fully tailored to your event, and you’ll retain full control over the dishes served up – which is why so many people are now putting their faith in professional, private chefs instead.

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Chef for party: the best choice

One of the biggest questions to answer when planning a dinner party is how many guests will be in attendance. Luckily, as a professional team, we can help cater to any number of diners. So, whether you’re simply planning a romantic dinner with that special someone in your life or if you’re hosting a large-scale commercial dinner party, we’ve got a solution for every scenario. Discover how a private chef could help perfect your dinner party with help from our team. We’re here for you!

Full Privacy for Every Guest

Whether you’ve got one guest or one hundred, ensuring your guests are comfortable and relaxed is integral. With this in mind, we aspire to ensure every guest enjoys full privacy throughout the dining experience.

As such, you won’t have to worry about your private, professional chef disrupting the evening or special event. Simply let them do their thing, and they’ll stay out of your way to make a gastronomic masterpiece – all the while you can continue entertaining your guests and putting on a dinner party that will amaze every diner!

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Discover the Ideal Solution You Deserve

If you think hiring a private chef for party could be just the opportunity you deserve, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts here at My Chef at Home Spain. We have made it our mission unwaveringly to ensure every diner enjoys the most luxurious catering experience with us.

After all, while every menu and dinner party is a little different, one thing remains true throughout; the quality of food served is always paramount! Luckily, when you hire a private chef for your dinner party, you can ensure you get the most delicious food that’ll blow your guests away. All the while, your private chef will keep their distance, ensuring you still enjoy maximum privacy for your special event.

5 star rate!
A fantastic experience. Our chef explained what each of the dishes contained and where they came from. And the meal quality was fantastic. Highly recommend.
Jill, Edinburgh, Scotland
This is the best personal chef company I have ever worked with. I’ll definitely choose them again when I go to Spain and highly recommend them.
Eveline, Montreal, Canada
Andres was very very nice and the food was just amazing!
Jenny, Rotterdam, Netherlands
We are so pleased that we booked Chef Andres to cater for our hen party in Spain. He was easy to communicate with and arrived at the agreed time. He was friendly and left the kitchen spotless but the best part was the food. It was genuinely restaurant standard, beautifully presented with the most amazing local produce. Highly recommended!
Jenny, Rotterdam, Netherlands

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