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Professional Home Chef service in Malaga

Private Home Chef service in Malaga. Forget about all the shopping and other preparations that come with hosting a party.

Do you dream of transforming your home into a luxury restaurant? Are you tired of having to come up with a menu every time you host a family meal or event? Well we’ve got the answer! From now on, thanks to our private home chef service in Malaga, you won’t need to worry about cooking when you host lunches, dinners or business or family events.

We offer all kinds of different menus. Some of the options which you can find on our website include: Signature Mediterranean Menu; Premium Italian Menu, My Chef’s Favourite Menu, Premium Spanish Menu, Ultimate Luxury Menu, Japanese Menu – Kyoto Kid, Vegetarian Menu There are menus for every taste and every occasion. Once you’ve decided on the menu for your event, there’s only one thing left to do: book your home chef



Big families are always planning meals and celebrations, which is all very well as long as you’re not the host! They can be a real pain for whoever has to take care of all the preparations, and clean everything up afterwards. However, with the help of our home chef service in Malaga, hosting your family reunions doesn’t have to be a headache any more. Having people over for a meal has never been so easy!

Having to cater to each person’s tastes every time you organise a get-together can be a nightmare. Whether you’re holding your celebration in summer, winter, or at Christmas… My Chef At Home can provide you with the perfect answer for any kind of family event: a chef at home!

If you live in Malaga province and you’d like to hire a full-service private chef, we can offer you the top-quality service of our private chefs at home. With their help, you’ll enjoy a delicious meal without any worries at all – you won’t even have to set foot outside your house. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your family’s company and our chef’s delicious food.

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With My Chef At Home, you can enjoy a fulltime personal chef without even needing to step outside your home. Our mission is for you to enjoy a top-quality menu that will leave your guests speechless, all without the need to search for a fancy restaurant.

Nowadays, it can be very difficult to find a restaurant that can host large groups and which also offers good quality food. That’s why we tend to hold family reunions at home, but this can mean hours and hours of cooking, not to mention the time spent cleaning up afterwards. When you hire a private home chef in Malaga, you no longer have the nightmare of having to find a restaurant or cleaning up a huge mess.

Another great advantage of hiring a private chef at home is that when you pay for the chef, you also get the added bonus of learning how to make all the recipes. Take a note of all the recipes that are included in the menu that you’ve chosen for our chef to make for you, and have a go at recreating them yourself at home.

On the other hand, your home chef will also take care of buying all the ingredients required for the menu that you’ve chosen. One less thing for you to worry about! From the moment you hire your personal chef at home, we’ll take care of everything that needs to be done.

At My Chef At Home we also want to make sure that we offer our clients maximum privacy. For this reason, we make sure to provide a discreet and professional service. Our chef will come to your home, prepare everything, make the meal, serve it, clean up afterwards and leave. With the utmost respect for your personal space, our chef will prepare each course while you enjoy your meal with your guests, so that you can enjoy everything at the perfect temperature.

All we want you to worry about is taking pictures and enjoying your time with your guests. That’s why you wont even have to think about washing up, or cleaning up anything that your home chef might get dirty. That task is the duty of the private chef themselves, and they will take care of making sure everything is spick and span.

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We offer restaurantquality service in your own home. You won’t have to cook, or worry about anything at all. Your home will transform into a luxury restaurant, where all you and your guests need to do is wait for the food to be served.

Our team of home chefs in Malaga is certified as AwardWinning Food Safety Chefs.

Due to restructuring of our business we will be inoperative until the end of August. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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