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Full holiday and villa catering

With a private chef you can turn your holiday into a perfect one. Renting a villa or house and hiring a private chef, is the way to give a special touch and get to be on holiday, but feel at home. Through our menus or personalized, have a chef prepare your breakfast, lunch or dinner, is a pleasure that everyone wants when you are enjoying your holiday.

Holidays with your private chef

A private chef can transform the family meal time into a luxurious feast, ensuring that the villa kitchen is equipped with everything guests may need and that it caters to the daily appetite of each visitor.

Hiring a personal chef can turn a holiday into your dream holiday.

But please, keep on mind, not when requesting several days, you will always have a discount and get cheaper prices than an occasional event.

For prices please contact our customer service.

Benefits of hiring a private chef on your holiday

When on holiday, shopping and meal planning should not be a priority. This is why you should enjoy your private chef.

When it comes to having a private chef cater for your needs, we offer several options for hiring. You can have him for just 1 day or for several days, weeks or for a whole month.

The minimum number of people should be 2 and the maximum 50.

Our guests can request full or partial catering.

Full catering includes all purchases at your expense, including drinks, snacks and other groceries. Your chef will prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks at the time you wish.

Partial villa catering is when you only want the chef to prepare your best breakfast, lunch or dinner on the days you want.

For full catering you only have to pay an hourly wage, while for partial catering the rate depends on your dishes.

Although it’s not a catering service! You will have your private chef at your disposal and he will constantly buy, cook and serve your favourite dishes and keep the kitchen area clean.

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Chef/Catering for Holidays

From 2 days to 2 monthly

    My Chef at Home

    We offer the best services in our field. We never settle for second best and always have your satisfaction as our top priority.

    That is who we are and we are proud of it.

    Breakfast, lunch or dinner with a private chef during your holiday is in increasing demand. They allow you to have more privacy than any restaurant, designing your own menu and without worries. If we are lucky enough to have a house or villa with beautiful views, what better place to enjoy?

    It frees you from planning the purchase of ingredients, calculating preparation times, stressing out at lunchtime and watching if the dishes are ready on time.

    Our clients usually choose us to escape from the hustle and bustle of restaurants, to have the guarantee of a punctual and attentive service, for the freedom to choose a totally personalized menu, because they can try different things without complicating their lives and without leaving home. Besides, if you have children you will have the peace of mind that they are at home.

    The planning

    Our chefs create personalised menus according to the dietary needs, be it tastes, allergies or habits of the guests. We are open to any request.

    Our chefs have a great capacity to create menus for all kinds of cultures and the different flavours of the world.

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    5 star rate!
    A fantastic experience. Our chef explained what each of the dishes contained and where they came from. And the meal quality was fantastic. Highly recommend.
    Jill, Edinburgh, Scotland
    This is the best personal chef company I have ever worked with. I’ll definitely choose them again when I go to Spain and highly recommend them.
    Eveline, Montreal, Canada
    Andres was very very nice and the food was just amazing!
    Jenny, Rotterdam, Netherlands
    We are so pleased that we booked Chef Andres to cater for our hen party in Spain. He was easy to communicate with and arrived at the agreed time. He was friendly and left the kitchen spotless but the best part was the food. It was genuinely restaurant standard, beautifully presented with the most amazing local produce. Highly recommended!
    Jenny, Rotterdam, Netherlands

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