spanish paella at home with private chef

Spanish Paella at Home With Your Private Chef

Try the Best Spanish Paella at Home With Your Private Chef. At My Chef at Home Spain we have an extensive experience making paellas.

Few things are as quintessentially Spanish as a hearty, filling, and delicious paella – and, here at My Chef at Home Spain, this is something we know better than most. However, you don’t necessarily need to leave the comfort of your holiday house or personal home just to enjoy the delightful taste sensations that a traditional Spanish Paella can offer. All the while, though, you also don’t need to spend hours slaving over the dish yourself. Indeed, there’s another excellent option you could consider in this regard; hiring a professional, private chef in Spain can transform your next meal.


We all dream of enjoying the most luxurious dining, and as a professional private chef, this is a dream that Chef Andres can help with. Indeed, it can seem a little tricky to find a Spanish dining opportunity that ticks all of the boxes in many cases. However, we’re firm believers that you deserve the chance to make the most of your time.

As such, our private chef services are designed to ensure you enjoy the most luxurious dining opportunity around. The intimacy of his service ensures that you’ll enjoy an unrivaled level of care while maintaining your privacy and ensuring you have the most unforgettable experience. You won’t have to worry about being disturbed; so sit back, relax, and enjoy the time.

Authentic Spanish Paellas at home, Freshly Made Just for You

Unfortunately, not every paella is created equally. And with this thought in mind, it’s not uncommon for establishments to compromise on the authenticity of their paella recipes. All too often, restaurants catering to tourists take advantage of the lack of knowledge, allowing them to produce a poor-quality paella that doesn’t show off this authentically Spanish dish’s true beauty and luxury.

However, this is something that chef Andres never stands for – which is why you’ll know you’re getting top-quality paella when you choose our private solutions.


Paella is one of the most delicious and recognizable Spanish dishes. However, if you’re ready to take your dining experience to the next level, you don’t need to settle just with one dish! Indeed, as one of the most experienced local chefs, Chef Andres can create numerous masterpiece dishes across a wide variety of recipes, providing an exquisite Spanish gastronomic experience.

So, if you’re feeling like something a little different, or if you’ve always dreamed of delighting yourself in some Typical Andalusian Tapas Menu before the main event, give Chef Andres a shout. He can prepare any dish to help make your evening that little bit extra-special; why limit yourself when you could enjoy every part of an authentic Spanish experience with some of the very finest local ingredients. We also offer a Full Spanish Experience Menu, wich includes Paella, tapas and the famous Sangria.

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