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The best paella in Marbella in your home

Enjoy authentic paella in Marbella without leaving your home, savouring the freshest and highest quality ingredients, prepared to perfection by expert chefs. At My Chef at Home Spain, we turn this dream into reality, specialising in bringing the gourmet experience of Spanish cuisine directly to your table. Our exclusive service offers not only convenience and exclusivity but also a memorable culinary experience, personalised according to your tastes and dietary needs. Discover why our paella is unmatched in Marbella and how you can comfortably enjoy it at your home, for a gathering with friends, family, or a birthday celebration or business lunch in Marbella.


At My Chef at Home Spain, we offer a variety of paellas including meat, fish, mixed, or vegetable, discover our menu full spanish experience. We use only the freshest ingredients, personally selected by our chefs at local markets every morning. Our chefs, with years of experience in Marbella’s most renowned kitchens, apply traditional techniques perfected over time.

The paella we bring to your home is a culinary adventure that begins with the choice of rice, and then the selection of fresh seafood, meat, and crispy vegetables, slowly cooked in our homemade broth. The result is an exceptional paella.

Why does our service stand out from the rest?

Your culinary experience begins by choosing a personal chef. When you contact our team, you will have the opportunity to discuss your culinary tastes, any intolerances or allergies, and share your wishes or special requests. Once your reservation is confirmed, the chef will take care to carefully select the ingredients, ensuring they are fresh and of the best quality.

On the agreed day, the chef will arrive at your home with everything needed for cooking. You will see how your kitchen transforms into a top-tier restaurant, where our chef will have continuous communication with you to ensure everything is perfect. From the initial steps, such as preparing the basic ingredients, to the final addition of the rice and broth, you will be involved in every moment.

While the paella cooks slowly, the chef will share cooking tips and professional secrets. It’s the perfect time to ask questions, learn, and expand your culinary knowledge. When the paella is ready, it will be served directly from the paella pan, allowing you to enjoy the authentic flavours and textures of a paella in Marbella. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the company of your guests.


Our service includes the preparation of paella in your home by professional chefs, allowing you to enjoy live cooking. This culinary experience is not only entertaining but also educational, with chefs sharing tips and secrets for the perfect paella.

Imagine enjoying one of the best paellas without worries about preparation or cleaning. Our service ensures comfort, exclusivity, and satisfaction, allowing you to relax and enjoy your special event or dinner, knowing that you are giving your guests an authentic and memorable gastronomic experience.

At My Chef at Home Spain, we provide you with the opportunity to enjoy incomparable Marbella paella in the comfort of your home. With fresh ingredients, private chefs experienced in Marbella, and a service tailored to you, we ensure an experience that will not only please your palate but also make your events memorable. Contact us today to book your experience.

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