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Are you an enthusiastic, passionate, experienced professional? We need you!

If you are interested to work with a quickly developing market leader company which is based on hospitality at home take 5 minutes and fill up the following form. Mainly we are looking for chefs with excellent skills to execute high level services on our clients demand. If you are a professional waiter/waitress a barman, a barmixer or a butler, please also fill up the form as we often need other professionals as well!

Why work with us?

Nothing is obligated, you decide if you want to take the jobs or not!

All the chefs want them let be creative, so we deliver you a menu and you execute in your way.

Stop working in messy hidden and hot kitchens and start to work in exclusive environments, luxury houses.

We always want our chefs to be succesful and motivated so in My chef’s team we do all the possible to keep our people happy.

Make money
Get paid what you think you worth! We never overcharge our customers (we are market leaders in price-quality comparation) and in the same time we never underpay our staff. As before said, we keep our people always happy!

I want to work with you

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    Due to restructuring of our business we will be inoperative until the end of August. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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