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With our service Private Chef Valencia, you’ll transform your home into an exclusive restaurant, choosing a menu to your liking.

Every moment is ideal for celebrating significant events, whether with family or friends. However, organising these celebrations can be a challenge. When planning a family gathering, tasks such as cooking for everyone and cleaning the dishes arise. On the other hand, choosing a restaurant brings the challenge of finding one that pleases all attendees.

In this context, at My Chef At Home Spain, we invite you to rekindle your passion for special occasions or parties. To this end, we offer you the opportunity to once again enjoy social gatherings with your friends and family, but with a distinctive touch: the experience of having a personal chef in your own home in Valencia. This chef will prepare a customised menu according to your preferences, allowing you to focus solely on enjoying the company of your guests. Leave everything else in our hands and live an unforgettable culinary experience.

Private Chef Valencia unique

Chef at Home Valencia

My Chef At Home Spain redefines the culinary experience in the comfort of your own home. Forget about shopping and preparations: our private chef takes care of everything, from carefully selecting ingredients to preparing a personalised menu according to your preferences.

Imagine your home becoming a hub of haute cuisine, where you can treat your guests to elegant and exquisite dishes, all crafted by our expert private chef in Valencia.

At My Chef At Home Spain, we are committed to providing you with a complete and professional chef service experience. If you’ve never enjoyed a private chef service before, prepare for something truly exceptional. Our speciality lies in events like birthdays, weddings, hen parties, and general celebrations, catering to groups ranging from 2 to 50 diners to ensure a service of the highest quality.

We are more than a catering company; we are a chef dedicated to offering a fully personalised experience. We handle every detail, from ingredient procurement to the impeccable presentation of each dish, ensuring that everything is to your complete satisfaction.


We operate throughout the Valencia area.

In Valencia, paella is the quintessential dish and a culinary masterpiece. Our specialised chefs prepare it with great skill and expertise, ensuring that each paella is unique. The secret to its exceptional flavour and texture lies in the perfect balance of heat and moisture in the rice.

When you hire us, you’ll enjoy the unique experience of watching us prepare your paella live. You’ll observe how we harmoniously combine ingredients to create an emblematic dish of Spanish cuisine, vastly different from the precooked versions in other restaurants.

To complement your experience, we invite you to start with a selection of traditional tapas. From the classic Spanish omelette to the exquisite Galician-style octopus, our chefs use fresh, local ingredients to prepare them.

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