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Transform your home into a luxury restaurant

With help of a Private Chef in Madrid, you can transform your home into a luxury restaurant and choose a menu that suits your taste.

Transform your home into a luxury restaurant by hiring a Private Home Chef in Madrid. By hiring a private home chef, you can choose a menu that’s perfectly suited to your taste, and to that of your guests. The menus you can find on our website include: Mediterranean signature menu; Italian premium menu, My chef’s favorite menu, Spanish premium menu, Ultimate luxury menu, Japanese menu – Kyoto Kid, Vegetarian MenuOnce you know which menu you would like, the only thing left to do is to book your Private Chef at Home in Madrid. It really is that easy!

Any time of year is the perfect time to hold a big celebration, whether with family or for your company. However, these big meals can turn into a real nightmare when it comes to the preparations. If you’re planning to hold a family gathering at home, then you’ll have to cook for everyone, do all the washing up… And in the best case scenario, if you can afford to take all your guests to a restaurant, you’ll have the problem of finding a restaurant that everyone will like. In short: organising a celebration can be a real hassle.

My Chef At Home wants you to rediscover your love for throwing celebrations and big parties. It’s been a long time since we’ve all been able to get together, and now that everything seems to be getting back to normal it’s the perfect time to make the most of the opportunity. This is why we want to make the return to normality and to get-togethers with friends and family as easy as possible by providing you with a private home chef in Madrid.

If you live in Madrid and you’ve been thinking about hiring a full-service private chef for a while, your search is over! My Chef At Home makes it very easy for you. We’ll take care of everything – the only thing you’ll have to worry about is enjoying your time with your family and friends. You’ll no longer have to tear your hair out over holding a big celebration at home. Enjoy the best of both worlds: you can be the host, without any of the work.

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Book your private chef at home


My Chef At Home offers you the chance to hire a personal chef whenever you need one, without setting foot outside your house. You won’t even have to go out to buy groceries, because your private chef will do that for you once you have agreed upon the menu for your event.

Being able to hire a Private Chef to come to your home to whip up your chosen menu is something that really sets you free, not only from having to cook the meals yourself (something you will no longer have to do with your private home chef) but also from having to find a restaurant (because now the restaurant will be your very own home). No more worries about washing the dishes, or finding a restaurant that everyone likes and that has space for your whole group.

Your home will become the hot new restaurant where everyone can enjoy the elegant, delicious food made by our private home chef in Madrid.

What’s more, having a private home chef is also a great opportunity to learn how to cook dishes worthy of a Michelin-star restaurant. Although we guarantee that our private chef will afford you maximum privacy and work with the utmost professionalism, you will be able to see how they make each and every one of the dishes. If in the future you decide to host a more casual party without so many guests – who knows? Maybe you can surprise them with some of our chef’s dishes, but this time the chef will be you!

However, what we really want to give you is the experience of a comprehensive, professional chef service. For this reason, our Private Chef at home will create the dishes from your chosen menu with the utmost discretion so that you and your guests can chat and feel at ease, your privacy guaranteed. Likewise, the chef will also clean up everything that they use to cook the meal, because once again: your only task is to enjoy yourself.


Make your party an unforgettable experience by booking the Best Home Chef Service in Madrid.

Book a Home Chef! Choose your menu in advance, and a personal chef in Madrid will come to your home to cook it for you. All our menus are certified by Food Safety Level Award Winning Chef.

If you have any further questions about our private chef service in Madrid, please contact us and we would be delighted to answer them. Ask for a no-obligations quote today!

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