Private chef hen party

Hire a Private chef hen party in Barcelona

Are you planning a hen party in Barcelona and looking for something truly unique and unforgettable? At MY CHEF AT HOME SPAIN, we offer the perfect opportunity to make your event extraordinary. Imagine enjoying a sumptuous dinner prepared by a private chef, in the comfort of your own home or a chosen location, without the worry of supermarket trips or cleaning up afterwards. Just you, your friends, and an outstanding culinary experience.


Barcelona is more than a city of rich culture and beautiful architecture; it is also a place where food plays an essential role. By choosing a hen party with a private chef, you’ll enjoy not just comfort and exclusivity, but also a top-class culinary experience.

You can select from our extensive menu catalogue, which includes options like the Royal Menu, Premium Italian Menu, and Premium Spanish Menu, among others. The choice depends on your preferences and the type of hen party you desire. We guarantee that each dish will be a masterpiece. Moreover, you’ll be freed from the stress of planning and able to maximise time with your friends.

Experience an unforgettable hen party with a private chef dinner

At MY CHEF AT HOME SPAIN, we specialise in organising unique, personalised hen parties for groups ranging from 2 to 50 people. This service to smaller and medium-sized groups allows us to ensure the highest quality service, distinctly setting us apart from traditional catering options. With a chef dedicated exclusively to your event, every detail from ingredient selection to the final plating is tailored to your preferences, ensuring a customised culinary experience.

Our team is wholly dedicated to every aspect of your hen party. We take care of everything, from choosing the freshest ingredients to perfect presentation of the dishes. Your private chef will handle every detail, allowing you to enjoy without a care. We offer a wide range of culinary options, from traditional Spanish dishes to international flavours, all prepared with great care and exceptional skill.

What we aim for at MY CHEF AT HOME SPAIN is to make your hen party an unforgettable experience, creating lasting memories in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Our goal is to turn your celebration into an event that remains in the hearts and minds of your guests for a long time.


Choosing MY CHEF AT HOME SPAIN for your hen party in Barcelona means opting for a unique culinary experience, filled with luxury, comfort, and exquisite flavours. With us, your celebration will transform into an event focused exclusively on you and your guests. To start, we invite you to design your ideal menu with us. If you need inspiration, we are ready to suggest ideas and customise them according to your and your guests’ preferences.

Feel free to contact us by email or phone. We commit to responding within 24 hours and, once all details are agreed upon, we will begin with the preparations.

Due to restructuring of our business we will be inoperative until the end of August. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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