Cooking Authentic Spanish Cuisine

Experience the Joy of Cooking Authentic Spanish Cuisine in Barcelona

Fancy learning how to cook incredible Spanish dishes whilst soaking up Barcelona’s vibrant food culture? Let the chefs from My Chef At Home Spain teach you how to craft authentic Spanish cuisine.

Our hands-on Spanish cooking classes allow you to master signature dishes like paella, tapas, and seafood stews. Guiding you step-by-step through regional recipes. It’s the ultimate Spanish culinary immersion in one of the world’s great food cities.

Master Classic Spanish Dishes

Under the guidance of our talented chefs, you’ll master crafting the classics of Spanish cuisine. Dishes that encapsulate the incredible local produce and multicultural influences that shape Barcelona’s food scene.

Learn to create the iconic saffron-infused rice dish, Paella – packed with succulent meats, seafood and vegetables. Next, unlock the secrets to preparing the perfect Tortilla de Patatas – the humble Spanish omelette elevated to an art form. You’ll also craft light and crisp Croquetas, the beloved Spanish croquettes, brimming with creaminess inside.

From the national obsession that is Jamón Ibérico ham to the classic Mediterranean salad Panzanella, every dish will teach you important skills. Skills enabling you to recreate the recipes perfectly when you return home.

Immerse in Barcelona’s Food Culture

In Barcelona, food and culture are intimately intertwined. So we’ll take you on guided shopping trips to discover ingredients at the heart of Catalan cuisine. Wander markets like La Boqueria and Santa Caterina, sampling local delicacies as you shop. Learn how to select the finest Jamón Ibérico by its marbling. Appreciate the difference between regular and more prized “bomb” paella rice up close.

Gaining insights into Spanish cuisine through the places that shape its foundations. It’s a privileged peek behind the scenes into Barcelona’s thriving food landscape. All our Spanish cooking classes take place entirely in your home. Just you, your companions, and the chef – no other groups to distract or detract from the experience.

The chef handles all preparation and cleaning too. They’ll bring professional equipment and lay out ingredients ready for your arrival. So you can simply relax and focus on learning recipes and techniques. Once the cooking is finished, you’ll sit down and dine on the incredible regional dishes you’ve created. Paired with top Spanish wines and enjoyed at your own table in peaceful seclusion.

Take a Spanish Chef Home With You

The cooking doesn’t have to end after Barcelona either. You can also book a private chef to return home with you and host anothers classes there. Keep honing your Spanish cuisine mastery in your own kitchen. Recreate your favourite Barcelona dishes to share with friends and family. Or explore exciting new Spanish recipes beyond the Catalan classics.

It’s also a great way to integrate the Spanish flavours and culinary skills you’ve acquired into your everyday cooking. Letting you prolong and enrich the journey long after leaving Spain behind.

My Chef at Home Spain is what you are looking for

If you’re seeking a Spanish cooking experience blending luxury, immersion and privacy, look no further. Our talented chefs handle everything, so you can simply enjoy learning in tranquil, focused comfort.

Contact My Chef at Home Spain today to discover the joy of crafting authentic Spanish cuisine during your stay in Barcelona and beyond. Your own private culinary adventure awaits.

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