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Our Wonderly cake production services are located in Fuengirola, next to the sportive harbour, standing out for the innovation level we apply to our products. Wonderly prepares a huge number of alternative tarts to the traditional well known ones, using ingredients that haven’t usually been used in these kinds of sweet treats, as they can be beetroot, avocado or grenadine, all in one delicious cake.

Are you ready to take the risk? Or are you the one that’s going to miss out on these delicious treats? Don’t be afraid! All the great discoveries have been made by people that had the guts to try something different, become a part of them!


Do you know the feeling of being totally overstressed? Birthdays are coming and you just don’t have the time or motivation to prepare a birthday cake? My Chef At Home has the perfect solution – Wonderly Cakes Fuengirola. Wonderly will take care of that absolutely necessary birthday element because, as grandma used to say, a birthday without a cake is like Christmas without presents – a total disaster.

Visit our shop in Fuengirola to have a look at our delicious cakes and tarts. We prepare what you would like to get, no matter if it’s a vegan or vegetarian option. Wonderly and My Chef At Home is prepared for any kind of nutrition routine, and will provide delicious dishes and cakes for your enjoyment.

Tell us what requirements you want us to fulfil, and we will have your wonder personalised cake ready with a previous 48h order. Dare to try our alternative tarts and cakes!


A wedding is one of the most important days in the life of a happy couple. It’s the date where both parties are ready to completely devote their life to the other person. And what better way than doing it surrounded by your best friends and family? Of course the meal is a key element in these dates, and the cherry on top is the wedding cake.

Who hasn’t dreamed of that three (or more) layered cake, with the edible projection of you on top? Wonderly Cakes provides your date with the perfect finish, offering a great variety of cakes and tarts. We completely adapt our products to your wishes and requirements in optics, ingredients used, size, weight and anything else you want us to do.

Trust Wonderly Cakes for your wedding! We do it like nobody else could!


Wonderly Cakes, by My Chef At Home, also produces cakes and tarts for your bakery. Do you want to upgrade the range of products you’re offering? We’ll help you with it by providing the sweets!

In the last years the alimentation trend on the coast has developed in the direction of using healthier and so called power-ingredients like avocado, beetroot or papaya. That’s why we use these ingredients in our products, achieving alternative and time adapted cakes and tarts. Get on the healthy train, increasing your selling numbers and achieving a bigger margin of benefits at the same time of constructing a great reputation for taking care of the health of your customers.

Call Wonderly Cakes or visit us on Calle Maestra Ángeles Aspiazu in Fuengirola! We’ll be happy to show you our products and inform you about our baking process, and different possibilities we can achieve. You won’t regret it!

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